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What Is NBAPunks?

NBAPunks is a collection of uniquely generated 10,000 NFT characters on Binance Smart Chain. Each and every NBAPunks are unique “Non-Fungible Token” with proof of ownership stored on the Binance Smart Chain. It is a utility token for MiniBasketball (MiniBB). Where it will used for buyback and burn MiniBB on each mint and transaction on marketplace.

How Do I Buy/Mint NBAPunks?

  1. Connect your wallet to our website
  2. Click Mint A NBAPunks
  3. Enter the number of NBAPunks you would like to Mint
  4. Click Mint
  5. Click Confirm on Metamask

What Is The Minting Price?

  • 0-1999 mint = 0.1BNB
  • 2000-3999 mint = 0.2BNB
  • 4000-5999 mint = 0.3BNB
  • 6000-7999 mint = 0.4BNB
  • 8000-8999 mint = 0.5BNB
  • 9000-9999 mint = 1 BNB

50% of Minting fee will be use for buyback MiniBB token.

What Are The Marketplace Fee?

There are 10% Fee on each sell NFT on our marketplace.

  1. 4% of the fee will continue to go and buyback MiniBB and burn.
  2. 3% Fee will be given to original minter. For example, the more you mint, you will earn extra fee even though your NFT are sold and resold.
  3. 3% Fee for continue development and marketing of project.

For example, If an NFT sold for 10BNB, 0.4BNB go to original minter of NFT, 0.4BNB go to buyback MiniBB and 0.3BNB go to development and marketing. Where 9BNB will go back to seller.

Where Do I See My Minted NBAPunks NFT?

You can find your minted NBAPunks on my collection tabs. You can also add the contract number with your NBAPunks token ID into Metamask in order to see your NBAPunks.